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A1. To become a client is a simple matter of completing a registration form on the clickdietitian.com website. Click Here >>

A2. You can search a dietitian by name or by the reason for your consultation e.g. you can type in Coeliac Disease and the names of all dietitians with expertise in Coeliac Disease will be displayed.

You can check the availability of each dietitian via their calendar, and then book an appointment. You can pay securely with credit card. You will receive an email confirmation.

A3. You will be reminded of your upcoming session via email. You will receive an email confirming time and date. At the time of the consultation, log in to the Clickdietitian website. You then click on your appointment time and will be taken to your private Dietitian meeting room. At your session time your Dietitian will call you.

You will be able to see and hear your dietitian as if you were in the consulting room with them. You do not need to download or install anything on your computer. The dietitian can also send you information during the consultation as well as voice and type chat with you.

A4. You can access Clickdietitian.com from anywhere. You can use any device that has internet access eg laptop, ipad or tablet.

A5. All the dietitians have been carefully selected for their experience and expertise. They are all suitably tertiary qualified and are eligible for membership of the Dietitians Association of Australia and are Accredited Practising Dietitians.

A6. The profile of each dietitian indicates their qualifications, experience and areas of interest

A7. Clickdietitian.com can be used by anyone with a laptop, PC, or tablet device.

A8. Payments are made via credit card on the website. This is a very secure payment method, using high level security systems used by banks.

A9. For video and audio you will need these, but typed chat is also available if you prefer.

A10. A standard consultation is 60 minutes.
Extended consultations for more complex conditions are available for 90 minutes.
A review consultation is 30 minutes.

A11. A standard 1 hour consultation costs $120.
Extended consultations cost $150.
A 30 minute review is $90

A12. You'll pay for your consultation session by credit card when you make your booking.

A13. Currently, there are no Medicare rebates in Australia for online dietetics consulting. Some private insurance may cover online consultations. Please ask your own insurer for more details.


A15. Only your chosen Dietitian has access to your personal details, just as if you were meeting in a physical practice room. Your sessions are completely private so that only you and your Dietitian are able to view them and no records are kept. Other than contact information, Clickdietitian.com does not store your information anywhere on the site.

A16. Only if we have established that this is a Clickdietitian.com technical problem. Please refer to our Cancellation and No-show policy for more information.

A17. Please contact us at Clickdietitian.com if you are experiencing any problems with the site at any time.

A18. If you are not happy with your Dietitian, or the availability does not suit you simply search for and choose a new Dietitian.

A19. If you cancel 24 hours in advance you can reschedule at no cost or obtain a full refund. Just log in to Clickdietitian.com and go to My Bookings to cancel any session. Please refer to our Cancellation and No-show policy for more information about cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

A20. If your Dietitian is more than 15 minutes late for your session, you'll automatically receive credit which can be used for a subsequent session.
For a full refund to your credit card or bank account, please contact us to provide your bank details. To respect your privacy we don't contact you directly about refunds or anything else unless you ask us first. Please refer to our Cancellation and No-show policy for more information

A21. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your session, it is regarded as a no-show and your payment is forfeited. Please refer to our Cancellation and No-show policy for more information.

A22. Only a Dietitian with whom you have booked a session and the site master administrator can access your profile, which contains only the contact information you give us. If you would like to delete your profile please email us at admin@Clickdietitian.com